The unique taste of HPY Drops helps you enjoy the moment. You can switch off and enjoy the taste at the same time. After a short break, everything around you will become much better again and you will be able to cope with your daily tasks with new energy.

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  2. You feel exhausted? Just try our HPY candies.
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Proprietary blend

According to Indian Ayurvedic theory, withania somnifera is also known as ashwagandha. Its active ingredients are not only found in the berry itself, especially also in its roots. Also known as Indian ginseng, this plant is an extremely versatile one. Although ashwagandha originally comes from North Africa, this plant, which grows to a height of around 50 cm, became quite popular in India and in the ancient art of Ayurveda. The fruit stems of ashwagandha are very reminiscent of the bladder cherry, which is also known as physalis. The berries of the ashwagandha, however, are bright red, very conspicuous and are also used in India to make soap. Its ground seeds are ideal as a vegan cheese substitute and the ground root as an ancient natural Ayurvedic product.

Chamomile flowers are used as a herbal remedy. They contain essential oil consisting of the substances a-bisabolol and matricine, among others. It is used externally and internally. Those who are allergic to compositae should not use chamomile.

Turmeric belongs to the ginger family. It thrives in the tropical regions of Asia. The underground part of the shrub, which can grow over a meter high, is used. It looks similar to ginger, but has an intense yellow color. The taste of turmeric is described as "mildly spicy, with a slightly earthy and bitter aroma".

The herbal Ginkgo biloba extract helps to improve blood circulation in the brain and to supply the nerve cells with more oxygen. This increases memory and concentration

Passion flower
Passion flower is the medical plant of 2011. Due to its relaxing and calming effect, the passion flower has been used as a medical plant for centuries and is now also regarded as “well studied”.

Licorice roots
Even the ancient Egyptians knew a delicacy made from licorice root: The finest licorice, salty or sweet, is still a delight for both young and old connoisseurs. Furthermore, ancient philosophers had mentioned about the effect of licorice roots. Licorice is also popular in the traditional Chinese medicine and cuisine.

This yellow tuber with a lemony and pungent aroma is a popular kitchen spice. Moreover, ginger tea is always a great pleasure and provides a pleasant warm feeling in the stomach.

Devil's claw is used for medical purposes. In particular, it can be used for supportive therapy in cases of osteoarthritis and other mobility restrictions. In addition, African devil's claw stimulates appetite and digestion due to the many bitter substances it contains. Hemp Seeds
Small hemp seeds (about 3 mm in diameter) are reminiscent of small nuts. They are particularly characterized by their ingredients: For instance, hemp seeds contain all essential amino acids. As a source of protein, these small seeds are therefore ideal. They also have high levels of vitamins B1, B2 and E, calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron, as well as healthy omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Botanically, a banana is a berry, as well as cucumber, tomato or pumpkin. From a botanical point of view, a berry is a fruit formed from a single ovary, which encloses the seeds of a plant. Both vegetable plants and fruit plants produce berries.

Pears are pioneer plants. Even Homer reports about them as a gift from God. The Babylonians worshipped pear trees as sacred ones. In the Indian Materia medica, pears (gabbu gosha) are regarded as a medical plant (amritphale).

Sea Buckthorn
Bright orange fruits of a sea buckthorn are known for their extraordinarily high vitamin C content. The oil coming from their seeds shows a natural antibacterial effect and is used for external applications. Sea buckthorn is native to Europe. It has a deep and extensive root system, forms root runners and is popular as erosion control on dry slopes. Sea buckthorn has male and female flowers on different plants. For the female plant to produce fruit, there must be a male plant nearby.

Other ingredients

Ashwagandha, chamomile, turmeric, ginkgo, passion flower, licorice roots, ginger, harpagophytum (devil’s claw), hemp seeds, banana, pear, sea buckthorn

Nutrition value

Nutrition value per 100 g:
Calories 368 kcal/ 1540 kJ;
Fat 0 g
Carbohydrates 92 g
Total sugar 40 g
Protein 0 g
Salt 0 g

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