Promotion “Reward for effort” is now also valid for Managing Directors!

Great news!

Countries: CIS, EU, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova.
Dates: 01.03.24-31.03.24

You’ve been working hard? Get your bonus** from a generous Company that appreciates your efforts!

All Associates who have confirmed or completed for the first time the rank qualification* of Managing Director on the Compensation Plan* will receive a bonus** in the amount of 600 c.u.

*The volume in the small legs – 5000 PV or the volume in the whole structure – 30000 PV. It is not a must to have 2 Directors.

**The reward will be credited to your personal ID not earlier than April 10, 2024, based on the results of March 2024. You will receive a voucher for the amount corresponding to the fulfilled conditions. When you place an order, you will be offered a choice of presentation product for that amount. As a presentation product you can choose any ACUMULLIT SA drops, except PFT.

c. u. (conditional unit) - an internal basic calculation unit of the company, you can see the c. u. exchange rate in your personal account on the website when making a purchase.

PV - a conditional digital indicator assigned to each APL GO product, used in bonus reward and qualification calculations, and when setting the minimum activity of an APL GO Associate

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