Promotion "APL GO Activists"

We grow, make good money, become strong and successful because we take action

Countries: CIS, EU, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey, Moldova, Israel.
Dates: July 1-31, 2024

We grow, make good money, become strong and successful because we take action. Do you agree? APL GO Company also generously rewards Associates who actively attract newcomers to the business. Don't stop and your efforts will be rewarded! This promotion is specially designed for APL GO activists.

The Company Associate from July 1 to July 31, 2024 inclusive, who personally enrolled 5 newcomers(!) with orders of 100 c.u. and more on the main ID, will receive a voucher for 200 c.u. in BO for personally enrolled newcomers, who fulfilled the condition.

*Bonus will be credited not earlier than August 10, 2024 on the results of July 2024 on personal ID. You will be issued a voucher for the amount corresponding to the fulfilled conditions. At checkout you will be offered a choice of presentation product for this amount.

** The voucher is valid until September 30, 2024.

c. u. (conditional unit) - an internal basic calculation unit of the company, you can see the c. u. exchange rate in your personal account on the website when making a purchase.

You can learn if the promotion is available in a specific country when placing an order in your personal account

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